ArtSpan Artist Workshop: Healthy Art Practices for the Artist and the Environment, July 28


Ever wonder about how your art materials are affecting your health? Do you know how to properly dispose of your spent art materials? Want to be friendly to the environment, although you use hazardous materials in your art practice? Join us for this Safe Art Workshop, and let the professionals help guide you and answer all of your questions!

SF Environment and Danielle Siembieda of the The Art Inspector Safer Artist Initiative are aimed at educating artists about safer and healthier ways to create artwork through free Safe Art Workshops. Any visual artist using paint, varnishes or other pigment or chemical based material should attend this workshop.

Workshop Content
• Safety and Precaution—how to make art safely by taking precautions with art materials, creative techniques and around the studio

• Alternatives—safer art supplies that can be used (demonstration and show and tell)

• Disposal—risks of improper disposal of art supplies in the landfill and options to dispose of them safely

• How to be an Eco-Champion—thinking holistically about art and the environment

About the Presenters
Danielle Siembieda is an art service provider and creative entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area. She practices between genres of Social Practice, Institutional Critique, Intervention and New Media. Most of her work includes an emphasis on the environment and technology.  Her most recent project, “The Art Inspector: Saving the Earth by Changing Art” was incepted in 2009 as a method to reduce the carbon footprint of art. This project has been funded by Silicon Valley Energy Watch and is currently working with the City of San Jose Department of the Environment.

Anya Deepak works at SF Environment, a city and county department that creates innovative programs and policies that protect health and the environment and promote equity. The Safer Art Products & Practices Program was started to address the issues faced by artists when it comes to the common hazards found in art materials. Find out more here.

About Make Art Your Business
ArtSpan presents monthly 90-minute workshops designed to sharpen business and financial literacy for professional artists, prepare artists for exhibiting work inside and outside the studio, and encourage community between fellow artists and the public. Through these community events ArtSpan creates a platform for artists to thrive, fostering a Bay Area that values the arts.