Mish-Mash, an exhibition of paintings by local artists


Mish-Mash are a dedicated group of emerging artists who believe art is an integral part of our society and as such should be accessible to everyone regardless of financial means. They would like to attempt a new take on the art show convention by creating a unique experience in the form of a pop-up show in San Francisco. An unfortunate reality of the art world is that at times money can be an obstacle for many when it comes to obtaining original artwork. They would like to have a show where money does not determine who can and who cannot own a piece of art.

The unique structure of this show encourages the community as a whole to support the arts, which in turn allows artists to make art accessible to the whole community. They are excited to provide a venue where the value of art is not determined by a price tag, but instead based on the merits of the work itself. Every guest will have an equal opportunity to become the owner of a well-crafted, thoughtful piece of art at no cost.

They would like to create a sustainable model for this type of show in which expense does not affect the outcome. In order to do so, they require financial support to host the event; this is why they’ve chosen to ask for your assistance through their Go-Fund-Me campaign. The success of the show heavily relies on community contributions and support to cover artists’ expenses and compensate them for their time and effort. This will allow the art to function solely as art and not as a market driven product.

Mish-Mash feels that art is greater than the established commercial market. To any who feel the same way, they ask that you support their goal. Every contribution no matter the size will help and be greatly appreciated. With the community’s support of this show, they hope to achieve something new that transcends the status quo of the art world. Thank you for your support!

More info:

Venue support provided by SOMArts Cultural Center’s Affordable Space Program, which provides subsidized, large-scale affordable space and technical assistance to nonprofits. SOMArts receives support from the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Community Arts and Education Program with funding from Grants for the Arts/The Hotel Tax Fund.