SOMArts Welcomes New Director of Communications

SOMArts kicked off 2016 by adding a new staff member to manage outreach and communications on behalf of the organization. Since joining the team in late January, Sarah Pritchard has been busy learning about SOMArts’ diverse programs and promoting the innovative Commons Curatorial Residency exhibitions in SOMArts’ Main Gallery.

Sarah is a dancer and organizer based in Oakland, CA. A founding member of SALTA dance collective, she has produced dozens of performances in libraries, private homes, warehouses, museums, and even SOMArts. Sarah has been a fan of SOMArts’ approach to supporting politically engaged and experimental art since they moved to the Bay Area in 2010. She has participated in The News as a performer and as a guest curator with SALTA in June 2015.

Before joining SOMArts, Sarah developed violence prevention curricula and programs for Futures Without Violence. Sarah brings both their non-profit street smarts and creative vision to cultural work.

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