Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party

What:  Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party

When: April 27, exhibition 8pm–midnight, performances 8:30pm–10pm

Where: 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)

How Much:  $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Advance tickets at

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One night only Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party blankets SOMArts in site-specific luminous art installations, live music and performances, digital and cinematic projections and sound sculptures by more than 50 Bay Area artists.

In addition to light and sound sculptures, projections, and ambient performances, Night Light features five experimental audio-visual performances by Mauricio Ancalmo, EA&AE ElíasAguirre&ÁlvaroEsteban, Amar Chaudhary, David Molina and Surabhi Saraf from 8:30pm to 10pm. Performances will be broadcast on SF Commons, San Francisco’s public access television station.


Ancalmo, whose performance broadcasts live in conjunction with the international Low Lives 4 Networked Performance Festival, offers an electronic music set incorporating the light and the amplified staccato rhythms of a dual film slide projector clicking to the next empty slide.

Chaudhary marries original electronic sounds with images inspired by the urban landscape of San Francisco. Using electronic, traditional, customized and found object instruments, musicians led by Molina perform a partially improvised soundtrack accompanying a set of etherial and abstract 16mm film loops hand-painted and processed by Anna Geyer.

Choreographed movement influences the performances of Saraf and EA&AE ElíasAguirre&ÁlvaroEsteban. Along with carefully mapped and repetitive actions, Saraf incorporates multiple projections, strobe lights, table fans and live vocals. Spanish dance duo EA&AE ElíasAguirre&ÁlvaroEsteban, presented with support from The Cultural Office of the Consulate General of Spain, mixes urban and contemporary dance to create a style of movement reminiscent of animal and insect life.

Exhibiting artists include:

Brendan Aanes
Mauricio Ancalmo
Luca Antonucci
killer banshee
Daniel Blomquist
Laurie Buenafe
Amar Chaudhary
Iris Charabi-Berggren
ChuCha Santamaria y Usted
Bethany Clemen
Paul Clipson
Jen Cohen
Glenna Cole Allee
EA&AE ElíasAguirre&Álvaro Esteban
Jordan Essoe
Linda Ford
Rob Fatal
Anna Geyer
Michael Goodier
Donald Hanson
Christopher Heston
Sonja Hinrichsen
David O. Johnson
Krisztina Lazar
Garrett Le Fevre
Geraldine Lozano
Drew Mason
Tom McGovern
Microclimate Collective
David Molina
Ranu Mukherjee
Stephen Parr/Oddballfilm
Christine M. Peterson
Christina Pierson
Radka Pulliam
Jennifer Rarick
Yoshie Sakai
Ashley Lauren Saks
Surabhi Saraf
The Sarah Gray Research Headquarters Project
Channin Smith
Lawyer Films Inc., LLC
Phil Spitler
Thom Tamayo
Merav Tzur
Bryan Von Reuter
Doug Garth Williams
Vanessa Woods
Laura Zaylea

Night Light includes site-specific works by Stephen Parr/Oddball Films, Paul Clipson, and Krisztina Lazar. Parr contributes a selection of archival video oddities and re-imagines SOMArts’ kitchen as a site for overlapping live film projections. Clipson utilizes a 100 year old sand casting pit in the gallery floor as a multi-level projection surface. Lazar suspends a cocoon-like fibrous installation from a tree and directs an encased projector at existing garden stones.

CRT televisions along the entry path and nestled throughout the Bamboo grove showcase a curatorial sub-section by MicroClimate Collective and provide accompaniment for a durational performance by Jordan Essoe.

Viewed from a boat in the center of the gallery, Sonja Hinrichsen’s 4 channel video projection guides the viewer on a trip down the Yangtze river in China. Christina Pierson’s dual projections on a steel sphere reflect colorful abstract light, illuminate the gallery annex and create the shadow of a double eclipse.

Partner organizations include the Cultural Office of the Consulate General of Spain and Oddball Film + Video.

As part of an ongoing partnership with Bay Area Video Coalition, this event will be live on SF Commons 2 (Comcast Channel 76, Astound Channel 30) and stream online live here at 8:30pm to 9:30pm PST.

SOMArts is supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Community Arts and Education Program with funding from Grants for the Arts/The Hotel Tax Fund and The San Francisco Foundation.