Tweet-Sized Performance Descriptions to get you ready for Night Light


There’s a ton to see at Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party 2015, Saturday, July 18, 8:30pm–midnight, including over 30 performances by Bay Area artists. Here are tweet-sized performance descriptions to get you pumped for a series of robust, sometimes overlapping performances embodying the idea of “making a scene” in opposition to the status quo and uniting communities in pursuit of social justice.

Artist creates political backdrop with Super Soaker

Chelsea (Che) Elisabeth
Movement and prayer activate a living altar

Black Magic Arts Collective
Participatory action where hidden images are revealed, illuminating Black Power

The Urban Masquerade Parade
Dancers, drumming and a DJ awaken Bay Area performer legacies

YGB Sheroes
A history lesson through story, poetry, rap, and freedom songs

Russell Butler
Improvisations on a modular synthesizer express the body and the unseen

Ancient rituals fused with modern day hip hop

Embodiment Project
High-energy street dance, live song, choreo-poetry, and theater

Live music with roots in rock and electro, soul and dance

Psychedelic Afro-futurist performance merges art and activism

Alice Cunt
Peep show on themes of struggle, survival, and the power of sex

Pale Breast
Life’s transformations, explored

Worshipping the Goddess
Pole dance in which every womyn is a Goddess

Cult of Gira
Shrine to Brazilian goddess Pomba Gira with pole dance and offerings

The News
New and bold performative work by a variety of queer Bay Area artists

Quiet Lightning
A live literary mixtape

Ibn B.
Spoken word homage to Black oral traditions and the legacy of Black voices

King McQueen
Multimedia #blacklivesmatter drag performance

Pr3ssPlay Poets
The current state of Blackness in America through poetry

Sharmi Basu
Experimental music decolonized musical language

Wreath of Flowers
Ritual performance with movement and contact-generated sound

Bedroom spiritual by way of a loosely situated hypnagogic blues root

Tooth and Sophia Wang
The residue of language

New Circus
San Francisco’s unique circus history comes alive

Live music with projections excavate lost memory due to trauma and anesthesia