NutcrackOR & Man Dance Company Season Preview, November 29 & 30

mandance2014Man Dance Company (MDC) presents their FABULOUS abridged, contemporary version of the Nutcracker Ballet, titled NutcrackOr; and Season Preview in the theater at SOMArts!

NutcrackOr is set on Christmas Eve, circa 1977, in SF’s Castro Neighborhood. Mother Clara and son Fritz are accompanied by Uncle Drosylemeyer to meet Harvey Milk, and become inspired by the photos hanging in his Camera Shop. That night, in their dreams, Uncle Droselmeyer takes them on a magical journey to meet all of the radical characters in Harvey’s photos (see back). Along the way, Droselmeyer makes a special stop to dance with his friends, at the infamous Rendezvous (one of the first Gay bars in downtown San Francisco), in a disco piece to Donna Summer’s Last Dance!

MDC will be collaborating with Caras y Cabezas and Mamá Art Cafe present La Artista Feminina on these evenings, in the Bay Gallery, and guests will be served a Seated 20-minute History Introduction (catered by Mama Art Café) and receive 15-minute Shopping Intermission before the NutcrackOr & Season Preview presentation.

For tickets & more information, click here.

This event is presented at SOMArts Cultural Center through participation in the Affordable Space Program, which provides below-market rental space, production and publicity assistance to nonprofit organizations. For more information visit our rentals page.