Parallel Universe? Artist Talk

What: Parallel Universe? Artist Talk to accompany All Possible Futures

When: Wednesday, January 22, 6:30–8:30pm

Where: 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)

How Much: Free admission

Delve deeper into contemporary speculative pieces in the group exhibition  All Possible Futures with an artist talk featuring visual presentations by three featured designers. Among the projects discussed will be “Untitled (Narcissus 2),” pictured, by Jeremy Mende and Bill Hsu, an installation that uses a wireless sensor to capture a viewer’s pulse. The viewer hears their own heartbeat and watches that same rhythm drive a series of typographic animations. The animations are representations of an organism— a simple group of cells or, perhaps, an entire community.

Ludovic Balland’s “The Day After Reading, Memory Newspaper” launches at the Parallel Universe? Artist Talk, followed by three short visual presentations and conversation with featured designers Ludovic Balland (Switzerland), Willem Henri Lucas (Netherlands), and Jeremy Mende (San Francisco).

Pictured: “Untitled (Narcissus 2),” by Jeremy Mende and Bob Hsu