Call for Submissions: Speak Your Peace, deadline November 25

Speak Your Peace, December 19–January 24, curated by SOMArts Curator and Gallery Director Justin Hover, is a community-based exhibition about intercultural communication, social justice and visions of a new iconography of peace featuring the “Seeing Peace Project” by artist Richard Kamler. Image above by artist Betty Nobue Kano.

Low-resolution artwork submission deadline is 11:59pm PST, Sunday, November 25th, 2012.  Selected artists will be notified on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 and will have five  days to submit full-scale high resolution images for production (see technical specifications for image submission below) by Friday, November 3oth by 5pm PST.   Announcement of selected artists will be made public on December 1st. Don’t call us. We’ll call you!

Bay Area artists residing in San Francisco, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties are invited to propose up to three digital images of works for consideration to be transformed into a 8’ tall x 16’ wide vinyl banner for inclusion in the exhibition Speak Your Peace.  SOMArts Curator and Gallery Director Justin Hoover and Executive Director Lex Leifheit will select three images from the submissions to be exhibited in the gallery. Cost of printing and installation will be covered by SOMArts.

This open call intends to provide access to visionaries and activists to use the gallery as a means to convey their cultural perspective, to raise unheard or seldom-heard voices, share perspectives outside the mainstream and to spark a collectively-developed new language of peace and justice.  We ask that artists deeply consider what it means to create an image of peace from one’s personal and/or cultural perspective.  This could include ethnic, religious, linguistic, geographic, or chronological histories.

It could relate to a contemporary social or artistic practice, depict a social movement or political action, or envision peace in a different way as you define it. What is important is that you have produced this image as an artistic work of the highest integrity and that it is conceived of as an iconography of peace.  Applicants must have a significant record of accomplishment as documented by their resume and their work should exhibit an understanding of the framework of social engagement and transformation.  The artist will be given the work at the end of the exhibition.

What is considered for submission: original artworks that are photographs, paintings, relief carvings, murals, digital images, drawings, any flat work that translates to a 2-D digital print.

What is not considered: video, sculpture, photographs of pre-existing work that is currently installed such as existing murals, or pieces in permanent collection.
Artwork must be original artwork and person submitting must be the owner of the images submitted and have full rights to its production, documentation and distribution.

—Artist must reside in San Francisco, Contra Costa or Alameda county
—Submit up to three images for consideration

— Images must be 144dpi.  Image dimensions must be 8” x 12”.
— Compositions must be landscape orientation only
— The images must define what peace looks like from the artist’s personal and/or cultural perspective

— A description of the image and why this is an image of peace (100 words max)
— A description of how or why the image reflects your perspective (100 words max)
— Artist C.V., including name, email, phone number, and mailing address
— Subject line must read exactly: [Last Name, First Name] Submission For Speak Your Peace
— An annotated list of images including image filename, image title, medium if applicable, and year created.

To submit artwork for consideration for Speak Your Peace, please email images and CV to gallery [at] somarts [dot] org with subject line, “[LAST NAME, FIRST NAME] Submission For Speak Your Peace.” Work that does not meet the submission criteria below or is not emailed with the correct subject line will not be viewed by the curators.

Through submitting images to this open call, is understood that this work may be photographed, digitized, filmed, broadcast, and reproduced for publicity, archival, documentary and educational purposes connected with this exhibition and for illustration in SOMArts’s catalogs and other publications. SOMArts reserves the right, unless specifically denied by the lender, to examine the work by all modern photographic means available for purposes of research and documentation.

If you are one of the three artists selected you must follow these guidelines for your work:

Acceptable Formats: EPS (Encapsulated Post Script), AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF (Adobe PDF), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), JPG (High Resolution JPEG), TIFF (High Resolution TIFF). When submitting these files be sure to convert all fonts to outlines or curves.

Vector Files: line art is scalable to any size, it never loses resolution and the image stays clean and crisp. Because of this, it can be submitted at any size that is in proportion to your banner size.

Raster Files/Images : Depending on the resolution and Pixel base, images like PSD, JPG, TIFF becomes blurry when enlarged. If submitting these files please follow the guidelines below:

— 8’x16’  image size (full size output) at 100 dpi
— 4’x8’ image size (50% scale) at 200 dpi or higher
2’x4’ image size (25% scale) at 300 dpi or higher
— 9.6 inches x 19.2 inches image size (10% scale) at 600-1200 dpi recommended

Thumbnail sized .jpg and .gif files are not at a high enough resolution to use on large prints like banners.

File Tips:

— No bleeds are necessary (unless ordering a banner stand that requires one).
— Set the size in proportion to the exact size banner you are ordering.
— To prevent any text or images from falling on the hemline or in a grommet space, you  will want to keep them at least 2″ away from edge.
— Convert all text to outlines.


Justin Hoover, SOMArts Curator & Gallery Director, focuses on developing collaborative and experiential community-based curatorial projects that deal with identifying cultural communities and explore varying levels of dynamic engagement.  His exhibitions and programs often engage multiple forms of content production and public programming including commissioning new work, developing community-based project, and including various levels of participant engagement.

Regarding iconographies of peace, Hoover holds a degree in Peace Studies, among other accreditation, that focused largely on media criticism and language and worked as an image researcher with the Oxford Encyclopedia of Global Peace, Bradford/Hetton, UK.

SOMArts receives critical support from the Community Arts and Education Program of the San Francisco Arts Commission, The San Francisco Foundation and individual donors.
For more information or questions about the open call please contact SOMArts at 415-863-1414 x110 or email