Performance Art Workout


Performance Art Workout, the culminating event to accompany the group exhibition Projected Personae, is led by actual fitness instructors, competitors and practitioners who primarily identify as artists. There will be a $12 admission fee to attend the 1pm to 2pm instructor-led workout portion of the event, followed by power-mosas, a performance and a public reception from 2–5pm.

Want to work out? Here’s what you need to know:
30 people can work out at this event, so advance tickets are highly recommended. The event is likely to sell out.

All fitness levels are welcome, and adjustments can be made for pacing or other needs, but please note: this is a real workout. Come dressed appropriately–– tutus, leotards, yoga pants, and wrestling singlets are great, but jeans are not. Bring water and a towel. Arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in and be assigned a group. The workouts begin promptly at 1pm & end at 2pm. Stick around afterward for drinks & a performance by Kelsey Thorne and Ileana Tejada.

Each ticket holder will participate in all three of the following small group (10 person max) workouts:

Linda Trunzo aka Sonni
Sonni will be teaching the technique for the straight right to the chin, a boxing move that Jackie Tonawanda (a woman) used to knock out her male opponent at Madison Square Garden in 1975. Sonni will teach a set-up move called the inside triple.  The class will also include techniques such as wrapping of the hands, foot placement, and moving through the movements for the straight right punch.

Krisztina Lazar aka Barbell-rella
Barbell-rella is going to lead one of her famous Buns of Steel Workouts live and in the flesh.  Sought after the galaxy over, her moves and technique are unparalleled for creating the best buns for light years around. Barbell-rella will lead the class as well as walk around and make sure everyone’s form is correct.  Form is everything, after all.

Ileana Tejada
The Struggle is Real Workout led by Illeana will be a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise and it will focus on functional fitness and the use of everyday objects for resistance training (possibly even other humans). Participants can work out in pairs, or Greek Status (solo and in the nude).  This will be a high intensity, low resistance workout that will include exercises such as jumping lunges, push-ups, squats, and other similar movements.


This workshop culminates in a free to attend reception featuring powerlifting performances from 2pm to 3pm by Kelsey Thorne and Ileana Tejada in which Thorne maxes out in tree stump/cement ball squats recreating one station of the “Strongest Man Competitions” followed by Tejada lifting heavy weights nude while covered in paint. As Tejada sweats, the paint colors, which signify traditional gender roles, melt away to reveal bare flesh. A cash bar will serve “Power-mosas”— mimosas that replace the orange juice with Powerade— until the gallery closes at 5pm.

Pictured: Krisztina Lazar, Tejada performing at Swarm Gallery