Police Brutality Zine Resources from the Altar “Not One More”


These zines are part of an altar installation dedicated to victims of police brutality. “Not One More” by Carrie Leilam Love, Fallon Young and their collaborators, is on view October 11–November 8 at SOMArts as part of Visions at Twilight: Dia de los Muertos 2014.

Click on the links below to download a PDF of each zine. Ideal printing size is 11×17. These zines may be shared widely, free of charge as an educational & community resource, but may not be sold.

1 What’s Going On? a poem
2 The Scoop on Police Brutality
3 Know Your Rights
4 Mutual Respect, Rights & Responsibilities
5 The Power of Visuals
6 Whispers from the Field? a poem
7 The 5 Points of Collaboration

Zines by the following artists & groups:
14 Black Poppies, CHALK, Taking a Stand SF, Nina Parks, Jason Wyman, Youth Speaks, & Zulu Nation

Also, check out this great illustrated article by KQED about your legal rights with the police.

About the Altar

“Not One More” is an altar dedicated to victims of police brutality and state sanctioned violence. Designed by Carrie Leilam Love & Fallon Young, this altar features prayer candles with words and images from youth participating in programs at RYSE Youth Center in Richmond, including Kenneth Berlin, David Castaneda, Jaíme Correa, Julian Huendo, Colin Taniguchi, Karen Tobar and Daniel Torres.

Projected images are from the September 2014 Black Lives Matter Ferguson Freedom Ride, endorsed by PowerPAC+: video by Lulu Matute, image contributions from Rheema Calloway and James Cox.

The “hands up” mural was designed by Lex NonScripta. Jason Wyman spearheaded the collaborative creation of the zine resources. Many hands cut the butterflies above.

Our collective hope is that not one more life will be lost to an abuse of power. Not one more.

Photo by Jason Moffett