Fiscal Sponsorship


For over a decade, SOMArts has provided administrative support and financial oversight to a small, thoughtfully selected group of emerging not-for-profit organizations and projects ranging from a few thousand to more than one million dollars in annual activity. SOMArts’ fiscal sponsorship program ensures funding agencies and contributors that funds received on behalf of sponsored projects are well-managed and disbursed according to the grant proposal and guidelines.

Our program is closely aligned with SOMArts’ other programs, and we are able to provide fiscally sponsored projects with additional support through our Affordable Space rental program and professional development opportunities for artists.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Grant submissions and fundraising can begin only after a project has been approved.

SOMArts will consider projects for fiscal sponsorship if they are:

- Arts related, including projects of all disciplines as well as community-based art projects
- Serving the SOMArts community
- Serious in intent and well-planned
- Based in the San Francisco Bay Area
- Showing potential for future growth and development

- Sponsorship of grant applications and administration of grant funds and individual donor contributions
- Monitoring of expenditures to ensure they are in keeping with original funding proposals, contracts or funding letters
- Staff consultation on writing of grants and final reports to funders
- General guidance about possible funding sources
- Discounts on rehearsal and meeting space in SOMArts’ classrooms
- Free admission to professional development and networking opportunities, including the Make Art Your Business workshop series, offered in collaboration with ArtSpan

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Archive 48
Co-founded by Pedro Jiménez and Nick Hoff, Archive 48 is a bi-lingual and bi-cultural publishing project that aims to publish contemporary and modernist literature from Mexico and the United States.

Arts for a Better Bay Area (ABBA)
Arts for a Better Bay Area is a coalition of San Francisco arts practitioners invested in quality of life, creative expression, cultural equity and vibrant neighborhoods.

Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center (APICC)
The mission of APICC is to support and produce multi-disciplinary art reflective of the unique experiences of Asian Pacific Islanders living in the United States.

Bay Area Society for Art & Activism (BASAA)
The Bay Area Society for Art & Activism is a diverse and intergenerational community celebrating the way artists and activists engage with issues of social justice, hope, freedom, history, democracy, love, labor, class, the environment and more.

The Black Woman is God
Under the artistic direction of Karen Seneferu, The Black Woman is God presents art exhibitions and events that celebrate the political and artistic contributions of Black women throughout history. In addition to an exhibition in SOMArts’ Main Gallery opening July 7, 2016, The Black Woman is God collaborates with artists and activists to organize events that are aligned with the goals of the project.

McSweeney’s is a publishing company based in San Francisco. As well as operating a daily humor website, they also publish Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concernthe Believer, and an ever-growing selection of books under various imprints.


Qbox was founded by Charles Gadeken in 1998 as BurningART Presents. From 1998 through 2001, Qbox produced over two dozen live events, several full-length documentaries, and a number of short programs, which were broadcast both on local television and on the Web. Qbox events have featured prominent figures in the local art community, received many favorable reviews, established a solid patron base, and generated substantial income for Bay Area artists.  The Flaming Lotus Girls and The BoxShop are programs of Qbox.

Tenderloin Art Lending Library (TALL)
The Tenderloin Art Lending Library (TALL) is a project for lending and borrowing artwork to Tenderloin residents for free. It is a trust-based program where artists provide artwork to be checked out by any member of the Tenderloin community, all in the spirit of sharing and celebration.

Vocabulary of Violence Revision Robot
A project of multimedia artist Lark Buckingham, the Vocabulary of Violence Revision Robot is a software application that edits news articles and court documents pertaining to sexual assault, highlighting problematic language and presenting alternative narratives that center survivors and challenge the violence embedded in language itself.



CLEVER is a think tank for queers and underrepresented media makers focused on providing professional and creative strategies for sustainability in the arts. Our mission is to increase positive visibility of transgender/gender non-conforming queers and women in media arts to promote inclusive multiculturalism by sharing knowledge, skills and resources in order to transform the mainstream climate. We believe that change happens in the media arts when individuals are informed, connected an empowered.

Come Out & Play
Come Out & Play is an annual festival of street games that turns New York City & San Francisco into a giant playground. The 2nd annual Come Out & Play Festival in San Francisco was organized by over 15 local volunteer street game designers and players.

Fil-Am Art Archive
WORLDS IN COLLISION is an investigation of Filipino American culture and creativity as a model of hybridity, a way to examine colonial histories, and a means to explore contemporary phenomena such as transnationalism and globalization.

forageSF is a wild foods community conceived of by Iso Rabins in early 2008, with the mission to connect Bay Area dwellers with the wild food that is all around them with wild edible food walks, Underground dinners, and the SF Underground Market.

Glamorgeddon: The Spectacle
Glamorgeddon: The Spectacle bring together visual and performance artists in a critical response and free-form celebration of the concept of glamour. It pushes back against the ways in which we consciously or unconsciously accept the logic of prevailing capitalist, media-generated spectacles.

Merchants of Reality
Merchants of Reality 
is an artist-driven nonprofit organization that aims to support, promote, and connect artists with their community through creative expression as a means to inspire, transform, and contribute.

Performing Community
Performing Community is a multi-faceted exhibition project that will be unfolding until its July 2012 culmination at SOMArts, in San Francisco, as part of their Curatorial Commons Residency program. Centered around contemporary dialogue involving the relationship between audience, participation, and exhibition making, Performing Community involves a select group of artist projects designed to engage, build and question the way community identity is formed and practiced, specifically through working in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco.

Refuge in Refuse
Refuge in Refuse is an interactive, transmedia collection of visual and sound data reflecting the intersections of architecture, art, ecology and community. For more than two decades artists, recreationalists and the homeless share the Albany Bulb, a landfill peninsula located along the east shore of the San Francisco Bay, creating infrastructure and exploring borders between public and private urban space.

Seeing Peace
Seeing Peace was born out of an understanding that this failure of the imagination is the missing link in most institutional responses to conflict and hostility in the world. That without the imagination, without ability to “think outside the box,” without a vision from our creative community, our responses to war and aggression will only institute more wars and aggressions.  Seeing Peace intends to rectify this by bringing the artist to the table. We intend to manifest a forum where the imagination is not only present, but is an active participant in the process of envisioning peace.

United Playaz
Now and independent  501(c)3 organization, United Playaz is a violence prevention and youth leadership organization that works with San Francisco’s hardest to reach youth through case management, street outreach, in-school services, recreational activities at community centers, and support to incarcerated youth.



Photo by Dan Fenstermacher