Frequently Asked Questions

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What is The News? The News is a queer performance series curated by Kolmel W Love. On the first Tuesday of each month The News features new work including short debut pieces, experiments and works in progress by queer artists working in a multitude of disciplines in the Bay Area.

When is The News?The News happens the first Tuesday of every month at SOMArts Cultural Center. Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 7:30pm.

Who should perform at The News? Artists working in a wide variety of performance-based disciplines, at every level of experience, should perform at The News. The evening features solo artists, collaborations and art groups/companies.

What kind of work should I perform at The News? The News features only new work including: debut pieces, experiments and works in progress. All performances must be under ten minutes in length (including set-up and clean-up).

I have an upcoming theatrical performance, music tour and just wrote a book. Should I perform excerpts of this at The News? NO. If it is already bound and written, on iTunes, or boarding the tour bus, it’s not appropriate work to share at The News. We love debuts! We love experiments! We also love and encourage utilizing The News as a space to perform a work in progress (before you do bind it, sell it, or get on the tour bus about it)!

Can I promote my upcoming projects at The News? YES! Performers can promote upcoming works within their on-stage introduction and their written bio, and are welcome to give flyers to the audience after the show.

Is The News a good way to expand my audience? YES! Attending or performing at The News is a great way to connect with other bay area artists. Please note, The News relies on each performing artist to promote the evening to fans and friends.

What are the tech capabilities and restrictions at The News? The News runs tech checks for all artists one hour before the show, meaning you will have a five to eight minute window to run your tech. You will be asked to email your tech needs and basic cues the week before your performance, it is crucial we know what you are walking in with. Equipment provided: basic theatrical lighting, basic sound (on CD or USB thumbdrive), three wireless handheld microphones, rear video projection (on DVD or USB thumbdrive). If you are bringing in any outside equipment, you will need to clear it with Kolmel W Love the week before. Artists and friends are not permitted in the booth nor allowed to operate any SOMArts equipment. If you think your tech needs might exceed the allotted time or equipment provided, contact Kolmel.

Are there any restrictions to performing at The News?

#1 No hurting yourself or others. (If your work includes BDSM or consensual pain, please first speak with Kolmel W Love, for discussion)

#2 No fire, oil, liquid, smoke or glitter. (If you have questions, or requests please speak with Kolmel W Love first and please refer back to rule #1).

#3 All performances must be under 10 minutes (including set-up and clean up).

#4 You must clean up whatever mess you make.

Do we have rehearsal time in the space before the event? Not quite. Performers arrive at 6pm, one hour before the doors open. In that one hour we will be doing very short tech checks and placing any pre-approved props or outside equipment. During that time performers are welcome to walk the space and rehearse as long as they are mindful of the fact that others may be doing so as well! Wild!

Where is the stage? Depending on the month, we may change the placement of “the stage” and the audience seating. You are always free to perform “off-stage” in other parts of the main gallery but if performing “off-stage” we will only be able to provide house lighting and we cannot move speakers, the video projector or audience chairs.

Do I get paid to perform? Is there a guest list? In order to keep this performance night free, we cannot afford to pay the artists directly. We do a “pass the hat” at the event and all cash collected is split among the acts (so you will walk with a bit of cash, however the amount is unknown). Admission is FREE, but space is limited. Please ask guests to RSVP via Eventbrite to guarantee a seat that evening.

How do I perform at The News? Artists who are interested in performing are asked to fill out the Artist Form explaining who they are and what they would like to do. Artist form is linked on SOMArts The News page.

What if I change my idea after submitting the Artist Form? If it changes significantly, please inform us when you have the new plan so we know how to place you in a program.

How do you select performers for The News? You want to be here? We want you here! If your idea is in-keeping with our mission and our technical capabilities we will program you in an upcoming The News. We try and balance upcoming programs by including pieces from a variety of styles & disciplines. There may also be times when The News has a theme and artists will be programmed accordingly.

More Questions? Email Kolmel W Love at thenews@somarts.org