Evan Reiser in the Ramp Gallery, January 9–27

What: Cortés and Moctezuma, drawings by Evan Reiser

When: January 9–27, 2013

Where: The Ramp Gallery, a community curated space at 934 Brannan St. (between 8th and 9th

This series of drawings depicts early 16th century historical figures Hernán Cortés, the Spanish conquistador, and Moctezuma, chief priest and ruler of the Aztec nation, as colonial archetypes. Depicted in absurd situations and environments, this series satirizes the “truthfulness” and “objectivity” of Eurocentric timelines, from 16th century Spanish accounts to present-day history books. Combining the disparate aesthetics of Aztec codices and 16th century European etchings, Reiser’s drawings complicate what is culturally understood as fictional and factual in historical memory.

Evan Reiser is a visual artist living and working in San Francisco. Through painting and other media, Reiser’s work highlights subjectivities and contingencies in what are believed by many to be historical truths. More of his work can be seen online at reiserart.com. Reiser is also Co-Director of City Limits, an apartment gallery in San Francisco’s Outer Mission/Excelsior neighborhood. More information on City Limits can be found at citylimitssf.tumblr.com.

About The Ramp Gallery
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Image above: detail of “Cortés Explains Stigmata to Moctezuma”, 2012, pen, watercolor and acrylic on paper, 22 in. x 30 in.