These Colors Don’t Run: BBQ, Drag Show, Live Music & SQUART!


What: These Colors Don’t Run

When: July 3, 3PM – 12AM (see full schedule below)

Where: 934 Brannan St. (Between 8th & 9th)

How Much: $10 for the whole day!

What Else: Artists who want to SQUART should RSVP here by June 25th!

It’s that time again! The next installment of SQUART is just around the corner. This time out we’re taking on everyone’s favorite flag-waving/freedom loving holiday, the Fourth of July, a day in advance.

This raucous party is an epic collaboration between THEOFFCENTER, Homo-a-Go-Go, SQUART creator Laura Arrington and SOMArts.

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What’s a SQUART, anyway?

SQUART’s format is simple: artists break into randomly assigned teams and receive a list of criteria around a theme. Each team has two hours to create an ensemble piece, which they then perform for comment by a panel of celebrity judges. Past judges have included Keith Hennessy, Big Art Group, and Meg Stuart. The public is invited to observe and participate at any stage of the SQUART, but performers are asked to RSVP online here by June 25th and check in by 4PM on July 3rd.

How can anyone party for nine hours straight?

We believe in you, party robot, but here’s the breakdown of the day in case it helps you decide when to arrive!

3PM: Food trucks, BBQ and dancing to the sounds of DJ Brown Amy and DJ Carnitas (Hard French)

4PM: Performers arrive and have two hours to create their SQUART performances

6PM: SQUART performances!

8PM: Experimental drag show featuring Ms. VivvyAnne ForeverMore, Stanley Frank, Miss Rahni, Ben McCoy, and the incomparable Glamamore.

10PM: Live band performances from Dave End & Nomy Lamm, Night Call and Double Duchess!

One of the many contributions Homo A GO GO makes to SQUART: These Colors Don’t Run is the evening’s band & drag talent. Read more about them below.

About VivvyAnne ForeverMore:

Drag royalty Mica Sigourney (VivvyAnne ForeverMore) has co-created some of the most dangerous, experimental, risky, frightening, compelling and fresh drag performances San Francisco has ever seen, including SOME THING and Tiara Sensation.

About Dave End:

This D.I.Y. darling writes “queer cupcake loving honesty pop.” In the past 2 years, Dave End has released two albums (How to Hold Your Own Hand, Fruits Commonly Mistaken For Vegetables), and has recently designed costumes for Kimya Dawson Performances. Dave is currently writing a one person show entitled, “Fabulous Artistic Guys Get Overtly Traumatized Sometimes,” or “F.A.G.G.O.T.S.: The Musical.”
About Nomy Lamm:
Nomy Lamm is a political activist, a freelancer writer, a performance artist, a poet and an outspoken Riot Grrl. She is also an adventurous, experimental, challenging singer/songwriter whose avant-garde rock has been influenced by a wide variety of music, including punk, electronica and soul.

About Double Duchess (Krylon Superstar + davO):

Krylon Superstar and davO met in San Francisco and began a hop-scotching, hand clapping, lip smacking, gum popping, double dutching collaboration. Their performances include fierce dance moves, crack-up lyrics, and magical props.

About Nightcall:

Nightcall is a a four piece post-punk psych band comprised of Alex Cox  (guitar), Alison Runyon (vox, percussion), JK Kern (bass), Sarah Min (drums).

About Homo A Go Go: Queer Music, Film, Art, Performance and Activism Festival:

Founded in 2002 by musician/activist Ed Varga, Homo A Go Go has presented four internationally attended festivals in Olympia and San Francisco. Each incarnation included 35-40 musical acts, over 50 films, 20+ visual artists, 20 performance artists and writers, a fashion show, a craft fair and 10-15 educational workshops.  Over the last 9 years, Homo A Go Go has showcased hundreds of alternative, underground, independent, DIY queer musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers and activists, including The Gossip, Mirah, John Cameron Mitchell, Team Dresch, Tribe 8, Glass Candy, Kirk Read, Michelle Tea and the Indigo Girls. Homo A Go Go works to create an international community of queers that overlaps with, yet provides an alternative to, mainstream GLBTQ communities.


THEOFFCENTER’s objective is to research Queer sensibilities as a lens for contemporary thought, art, action, and community.  By providing a multi-disciplinary forum THEOFFCENTER looks to question issues around gender, race, resilience, identity, engagement, and evolution.  The focus is to provide resources and provocation to emerging and established art-makers who are dedicated to the intentional negotiation of concepts, modalities and/or voices of a Queer lens.

About Laura Arrington:
Laura/Larry is the creator of the community based art experiment, SQUART, now in its second year. Most recently she was an artist in residence at CounterPULSE, creating the work Hot Wings under the mentorship of Joe Goode. She has worked as a guest artist in The University of San Francisco’s Dance and Social Justice Department, as a choreographer for Cutting Ball Theater (voted best theater by The San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay 2010), as an assistant director for Erika Chong Shuch’s Love Everywhere, and as a performer for AXIS Dance/David Dorfman, Jess Curtis, Keith Hennessy, Christopher Williams, Nina Winthrop, and Ellis Wood. Laura also curates stupidly fun shows/parties and hosts salons/talks at her house on Balmy Alley.