Support Day of the Dead! Join Our 8,000 Bones Campaign

Join Our 8,000 Bones Campaign

SOMArts is celebrating its 12th annual Día de los Muertos exhibition. Each year, we exhibit the work of more than 100 artists, ranging from groups of schoolchildren to established professional artists. In past years, more than 50 Bay Area public and private school classrooms have visited SOMArts, and this year we have expanded the number of tours and workshops we are offering to meet growing demand.

Like all organizations, SOMArts faces rising costs and diminishing resources. This year, we have been told that we need to pay property insurance, an unexpected cost of $6,300. In addition, a major funder is holding $10,000 of grant funding in “reserve,” which may be cut at mid-year.

To help ensure that SOMArts remains a strong and sustainable resource, we are holding our first ever 8,000 Bones Campaign. Our goal is to raise $8,000 and help fund Día de los Muertos programming. SOMArts’ Board of Directors has made a substantial contribution to start us off, but we hope you will make a donation to support this beloved annual event.

There are several ways you can help.

1) Join the Campaign
SOMArts is raising money through Crowdrise, a fundraising website that lets you donate, or recruit “sponsors” for your cause. Think of your friends who run 5k races, and ask your friends, parents, co-workers to help. You can visit and make a donation, or join our team. You can also donate via PayPal (below).


2) Attend our Benefit Performance
Thanks to the tireless efforts of Rene, SOMArts is fortunate to be hosting our first-ever collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony: a presentation of Quinteto Latino in a special Día de los Muertos program of traditional and contemporary music performed by the sumptuous voices of flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn and bassoon. $50 tickets include a $25 tax-deductible donation. Only 85 seats are available for this intimate, one-night-only performance. Tickets are available online at

3) Do both!
Come to the concert, and give a little more if you can. SOMArts recruited over 2,000 volunteer hours and $100,000 in in-kind donations last year to ensure that your real dollars go a long way.

As part of this campaign, we are offering some special gifts for donors who contribute $10 and up. From stirrups ($10) to femur ($250) and everything in between, all your “bones” are appreciated.

8,000 Bones Campaign: Donor Levels

$10 Stirrups (ear bone)
A $10 donation pays half our annual fee for Flickr, the photo-sharing site that documents our gallery archive and allows people to share their favorite Day of the Dead installation images.
Gift: regular news and updates about SOMArts programs, and good karma.

$25 Phalanges (fingers)
Our phalanges help us promote artists online, install exhibitions, and keep our space clean and welcoming! $25 covers the cost of art materials for one class tour of the Day of the Dead exhibition, allowing them to experience the infamous “black light room” and be inspired as budding artists!
Gift: the above, plus free admission for two to the closing reception on November 6 (does not include the post-reception performance).

$50 Humerus (arm bone)
For Day of the Dead, $50 is minimum cost of technical assistance provided to each artist to help him or her build and install their exhibition. Do you enjoy winding through the maze of pallets and discovering each unique altar? Our trusty construction crew helps artists make their concept a reality.
Gift: all of the above, plus one ticket to the benefit concert OR one SOMArts t-shirt (your choice, but concert tix are only available until we run out, so act soon!)

$100 Spinal Column
Be the backbone of our operations! One hundred $100 donations would cover half of the direct expenses for the entire month-long exhibition including school tours, opening performances, gallery monitors and a closing celebration.
Gift: all of the above, plus one more SOMArts t-shirt AND two free tickets to a Feast of Words: Storytelling Potluck event.

$250 Femur (leg bone)
Let there be light! $250 covers the cost of hanging and focusing the lights for the Day of the Dead exhibition, further enhancing the inherent drama and beauty of each artist’s vision.
Gift: All of the above, plus verbal recognition at the Closing Reception and an exhibition tour for up to 6 people led by Rene Yanez

$500 Ribs
$500 pays for our volunteer coordinator to make the phone calls, emails, and other arrangements necessary to schedule volunteers throughout Day of the Dead. Our lean mean operation depends on volunteers for critical support at the opening reception, during school tours, and throughout the run of the exhibition.
Gift: All of the above, plus a graphic art portrait of you or a loved one created by Rio Yañez based on your choice of 4×6 photo. Photo must be of one person.

$1000 Cranium
$1,000 goes a LONG way toward making anything and everything possible when it comes to this majestic-yet-resourceful exhibition. $1,000 covers almost the entire cost of planning for Day of the Dead, including: creation of educational materials, seeking out new and exciting partnerships, meeting with artists, and dreaming up dedications.
Gift: regular news and updates about SOMArts programs, and good karma. Two SOMArts t-shirts. Free admission for two to the closing reception on November 6. Free admission for two to all Feast of Words: Storytelling Potluck events through May 2011. An exhibition tour for up to 8 people, with wine and cheese, led by Rene Yanez. And a graphic art portrait of one or two people, created by Rio Yanez based on a 4×6 or 8×10 photo.

Day of the Dead is a projects of SOMArts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations to SOMArts are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the company I work for match my donation?
Many organizations in the Bay Area will match donations made by their employees, helping stretch your donation even further? Some we are aware of are: Microsoft, Adobe, Google and Wells Fargo. Ask your HR manager for details.

Can I donate by check?
Yes. Please make your check payable to “SOMArts”.

Mail your donation to:
SOMArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan St
San Francisco, CA 94103
Things to include with your check:
• Whether you’d like thank-you gifts.
• How you’d like to be credited as a donor (real name, pen name, organization name, anonymous, etc.).
• (For $25 and higher donations) The best mailing address for us to use when sending you your thank-you gifts
• (For $250 and higher donations) What – if any – website you’d like to have your name on the donor recognition page linked to.