Supreme Beings Fashion Show

What: “Supreme Beings” a conceptual fashion show

When: Thursday, March 1, 2012, 7–9PM

Where:  934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)

How Much: $20, advance tickets at

Supreme Beings is a conceptual fashion show featuring new work by iconoclastic San Francisco designers IIMUAHII and Ilanio plus Butoh dance performances by Ronnie Baker and Luku-san and music by SpacEKrafT. A third of the proceeds at the bar will go to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Muttville finds good homes for senior dogs and was recently voted San Francisco’s Favorite Charity by 7×7 Magazine.

IIMUAHII was established in 2010 as an avant-garde sportswear line, and its main goal is to convey something new, unique, and innovative to the local and national fashion scenes. Designer / Creative Director Elena is very adamant about using animal-friendly, high-tech materials, and prides herself on creating the most original and eye-catching garments in the high fashion world. She uses inconceivable fabrics with distinctive textures, creates modern, never-before-seen silhouettes, and weaves complex, activewear details into all of her designs. Elena has worked with celebrity stylists and record labels as a costume designer for aspiring stars, and her work has been featured in video shoots, magazine editorials, and live performances.

Ilanio’s all-black Autumn/Winter 2012 line lands us in an uncharted zone somewhere between body art and conceptual fashion. In the absence of color, materials and textures vie for center stage: pregnant spheroids and initimidating Mesozoic spikes alternate between invitation and protection, and fur, rubber, and plastic composites meld the industrial and the biological, suggesting out-of-control GMO experiments, or first contact with an undiscovered fetish subculture. Despite all that black, the line is playful and light, with a healthy sprinkling of humor throughout, and an undeniable, off-center sexiness permeating the work.

Ronnie Baker has been performing Butoh in the US and Japan since the early 1990’s, having studied with Tamano Koichi and Tamano Hiroko (Harupin Ha Butoh Kan). In addition, he studies ballet at ODC Dance Center with Augusta Moore, Marisa Castillo, and Monique Goldwater.

SpacEKraft is an electronic duo treading the stylistic waters between Kraftwerk and corporate event booths. From what we’ve gleaned by cyberstalking them on FaceBook, they promise “an audio-visual experience designed for travel or operation in space beyond the earth’s atmosphere or in orbit around the earth”.