Taharka Chango in the Ramp Gallery, December 15–January 19, 2016

My artwork is a reflection of my soul and belief- system. My work is also a proud depiction of my cultural ideologies. My newest collection ‘Renewal’ consists of Oil paint and mixed media. It displays a high key color spectrum with attention-grabbing concepts in a multi-piece collection.

My artwork depicts the power of my spirituality and honors the importance of respecting each other’s cultural beliefs and practices. We are not separate from nature rather we are connected and a part of every single thing in the universe. I developed a style I call ‘Abstract Realism’ which combines the spirit of abstraction with the sharpness of realism.

As an artist it’s my job to shed light on darkness such as a lack of self-love or self-reliance. When guest look at my work I want them to feel connected. I’d like for them to feel familiar, as if they were seeing something of their dreams or imagination. I want to make an emotional connection with you like the artist who influenced me did. Artist such as Darrell Thompson, James Gayle’s, Frank Frazetta, Bicasso(Bay Area Painter) and Kanye West. Art has the power to form bridges between generations and cultures. It also has the ability to change the way we live, see life through my eyes.

- Taharka Chango

Meet the Artist
Taharka Chango will be at SOMArts on Thursday, January 14, 6–9pm. Visit the Ramp for a chance to meet the artists, talk about his work and inspiration, have a drink and enjoy his awesome artwork! While you’re here, stop by the Visions into Infinite Archives Opening Reception in the Main Gallery. A cash bar will be available all night.

Listen to the artist talk about their work in his own words:

About Taharka Chango
Taharka Chango’s artwork focuses on expressing the nature of spirituality through cultural aesthetics. He has exhibited work in the African American Arts Cultural Center in San Francisco, the Minna St. Gallery, and Oakland Ink Gallery among others.

Born in Oakland, California, Taharka is the only child of his mother, an accomplished writer and therapist and one of his biggest sources of inspiration. She helped him foster his talent and gave him a deep appreciation for self-reliance and in due course he traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, Frankfurt, Germany and worked on societal murals in a local community called La Perla in Puerto Rico.

Taharka attends the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and his constant expansion of work is propelling him to become one of Bay Area’s premier artists. He’s worked on graphic designs for local businesses and has performed in venues all over the Bay Area. Taharka has spoke about the role of self-expression and sovereignty at the University of California, Berkeley and his work has been cited in magazines like the Oakland Magazine and the East Bay Express. For more information about his work visit: Taharkatect.com.

About The Ramp Gallery
The Ramp Gallery accepts exhibition proposals on a continual basis. Submission Guidelines can be found here. To purchase work on display or for more information email gallery@somarts.org. You can visit The Ramp gallery any time SOMArts Cultural Center is open.

Image credit: Taharka Chango, Moor Love, oil paint. 2014