The News: BE/LONG


On the first Tuesday of each month The News, presented by SOMArts Cultural Center, features new, queer work by Bay Area artists. The News is a monthly cabaret evening that spotlights 10-minute or less performance pieces, experiments, and works in progress by pre-selected solo artists, groups, or troupes.

On Tuesday, December 1, The News is guest curated by Jason Wyman and features Dianne Brennan, Derik Cowan, Frida Ibarra, Mariama Nance, and K. presenting on the theme BE/LONG.

BE/LONG is an inquiry of existence, desire, and place. It is the manifestation of sometimes secret and often tightly-held wishes on stages, on screens, on street corners, on beds. It is the position between that which was, that which is, and that which will be. It is the alchemy of dreams transmuting into presence. It is letting go, so one can come back. 

Tonight, we shall breathe; we shall yearn; we shall come home. Tonight, we shall BE/LONG. 

— Guest curator for The News, Jason Wyman

Admission is FREE! SOMArts is offering free admission in hopes that if you can afford to donate, you will support the artists onstage when the hat passes. RSVP on EventBrite to guarantee a seat. 

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The nature of The News is to give artists access to critical space for risk-taking in performance. In addition to artists selected by a guest curator, a “wild card” performer or two appears in each line-up at The News. “Wild cards” are artists who may not have been selected by the guest curators, but join in the evening to share new work. Artists interested in performing as a “wild card” at The News can find more information here.


Jason Wyman is a life-long educator, writer, performer and learner. He hails from Minnesota and fled the frigid winters and muggy summers for what he assumed was sunny California. He was greeted instead by the ocean wind, foggy days, and fits of rain. And he loves it. Jason is a consummate connector. His skillful networking, which is rooted in compassion and creativity, has brought over a million dollars of in-kind services and peer-based education to communities across the San Francisco Bay Area with a special emphasis on marginalized communities, youth, seniors and cultural workers. He has worked for OMI/Excelsior Beacon Center, California School-Age Consortium, The Partnership for Children and Youth, San Francisco Unified School District, Youth Development Peer Network/Youth Worker: Collective, Adobe Youth Voices and the YMCA. He is currently an Ensemble Member of OutLook Theater Project, a queer community theater company. Their current project, “the GOD project” explores the intersections of faith, religion and spirituality and gender and sexuality through an online survey, community workshops, live performance and social media. As part of OutLook, Jason has focused on using narrative to bridge diverse, divergent, and disparate communities in order to deepen understanding. Jason loves to cook, write fables, and take pictures with his camera phone. He was married to his beautiful husband in 2007 and again in 2008 when it was briefly legal in California. He dreams of a future where all queers are free.

Jason Wyman


Dianne Brennan: Writer • Director • Editor • Producer • Educator. I live and work in San Francisco.

Dianne Brennan Headshot

Derik K. Cowan first joined OutLook Theater Project as a core ensemble member for “Reviving Spirits”. He is a former company member of the Magical Acts Ritual Theater Company (M.A.R.T.) and is currently serving as co-founder and Creative Director for the Circle of Dionysos, a ritual theater group dedicated to exploring the intersections of spirituality, sexuality, and gender. While most of his focus has been on self and ensemble created original works, he has also appeared as Tingle/Anne Putnam Jr., in Morgan Bassichis’ “The Witch House” (at The Garage), Dionysus in Euripides’ The Bacchae (for Circle of Dionysos at Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory), James in Terrence McNally’s “Corpus Christi” (for M.A.R.T. at Theater Rhinoceros), and as a Horse/Dance Captain/Understudy to Alan in Peter Schafer’s “Equus” (for M.A.R.T. at Ashby Stage). He has a B.A. in theater and dance from Amherst College and can also be found performing on the San Francisco drag scene as Diana Sauce.

Derik Cowan

Frida Ibarra is a multimedia musician/multi-instrumentalist who brings queer and trans visibility to spaces she explores and creates. Her music can be described as anything from synth pop, shoegaze and electronic to post-laptop DIY. In her short time in San Francisco, she has written music for films which have been screened at the Frameline Film Fest and for OutLook’s “You Belong at the Table”. Prior to relocating to the Bay Area, Frida performed with many musical groups based in San Diego and has played in support of festival headliners such as The Killers and Phoenix.

Frida Ibarra

Mariama Nance is a digital media specialist and media arts educator who draws inspiration and hope for the future of media through working with documentary films, film festivals and producing media for nonprofit organizations. Nance appreciates being part of Be/Long and believes in the necessity of media projects that help humans reach across boundaries. Live drums and musical accompaniment by local singer, songwriter, musician Cadence Myles.

Mariama Nance in Martinez

K is a filmmaker, yogini and sacred activist who believes that ordinary people ripple extraordinary change. K weaves trails of light that find form as films, meditations, writing and creative presence coaching. As creative director and lead filmmaker at Cinemagical Media, K works with social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and values based companies to create films that support individuals and communities to ‘be the cause that creates the effect’. K’s films have featured cultural visionaries such as Jack Kornfield, Tara Sophia Mohr, Eve Ensler and Alice Walker, and tell stories with bravery, courage and heart that bring messages alive and inspire social change. In addition to filmmaking, K offers experiential workshops, talks and meditations (in person/online) that help people connect with their inner wisdom, foster loving presence and awaken wonder. Current and past themes include: Creative Presence, Sacred Presence, Uncertainty and Intention, Modern Day Mindfulness, Heart Gladdening Practices and Storytelling. In early 2016, in association with Cinemagical Media, Kirthi will officially launch the Modern Day Mindfulness Initiative – a portal for wisdom course offerings, meditations, talks and artistic inspirations, offered online and in person.

Pictured: K, Jason Wyman, Diane Brennan, Derik Cowan, Frida Ibarra, and Mariama Nance. All photos courtesy of the artists.