The News: Fresh, Queer Performance

What: The News: Fresh, Queer Performance

When: Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 7:30–9pm, house opens at 7pm.

Where: 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)

How Much: $5 admission. Advance tickets:

The News is the new place to see fresh, queer performance by Bay Area artists. On the first Tuesday of each month The News will spotlight performance pieces, experiments, and works in progress by pre-selected solo artists, groups, or troupes. An informal session for artist-led critical feedback follows the performances.

This September The News features performers KHAOS ThaD3ViL AddamZ, Karl Cronin, Cara Rose DeFabio, Rai-Yin Hsu, Xavier MTW, Derek Schmidt, Julius Smack (Peter Hernandez), A Thimble of Light (Ida Thaler) and Thunder Thighs. Kolmel WithLove hosts.

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KHAOS ThaD3ViL AddamZ is the pup your drag mother warned you about. Self-taught in both the art of stage performance and artistic theatricality from a very young age, it’s no wonder why he is known as KHAOS. As drag’s self-proclaimed bad boy pup and leader of The H3LLHoundZ (an up and coming all male, BOYLesque pup drag troupe) KHAOS brings to you entertainment unlike anything you have never seen at a typical drag show. KHAOS blends an androgynous style with a provocative BOYLesque attitude, resulting in a twisted gender-fucked psychotic episode that will leave you stunned. Journey to a show where he’s performing and it’s a possibility you’ll leave questioning your sexuality, religion and probably your sanity as well. Don’t bother trying to fight it because this leather-bound bondage pup is going to be your new fantasy. So you might want to go ahead and take that picture.

Karl Cronin is a San Francisco-based folk singer and composer known for his unique blend of indie-folk and chamber music. Karl’s performances feel like warm gatherings ‘round the campfire. He collaborates with string quartets and orchestras to create music that celebrates the environment and the potential of the human spirit, and has performed with the Z Quartet, Classical Revolution, and the Americana Orchestra. For more information visit

Cara Rose DeFabio is an interdisciplinary creative who believes her community is her greatest asset. She enjoys collaborating across fields and is comfortably wired to the local queer performance scene, ace journalists, twitterati, and art makers in her native San Francisco. She has been an Artist-in-Residence at Guapamacataro, Mexico, staged participatory theater at historical landmarks with We Players, and by day is a production manager at a local fashion manufacturer. Her original work, She was a Computer, premiered at Counterpulse in San Francisco last summer. Currently she is working on After the Tone, a performance examining digital afterlife and how technology mediates mourning, which will debut at the SF Fringe Festival in September. For more information visit

Rai-Yin Hsu is a self-taught multimedia filmmaker and classically trained musician whose work is informed by their experiences existing as a trans/gender/queer Taiwanese bodyworker, anti-colonialist feminist Buddhist. Using sound, video, movement, and interactive performance art, Rai Yin and the BEASTIARY project are curious about using art and technology to explore the intersections of identity, spirit, and social justice at the junction of self-reflection and transformation.  A psychedelic journey of the senses into magic, horror, and meditation, BEASTIARY weaves and waves the spaces in-between, the multidimensional facets of personal and political struggle, healing, and collective liberation within a world torn apart by illusion.

Xavier MTW was born in France but has no accent and is a Bay Area transplant by way of Florida. MTW has a B.A. in Art History, University of Florida, 2008, and has a wide range of interests, including politics, music, current events and philosophy. Don’t be fooled by the alternative look; inside MTW is a total nerd.

MTW is a painter and multimedia artist, a sex worker (under the adult film moniker “Xander Spade”) and a performance artist (as “Mary Tyler Whore”). A little jaded perhaps, MTW is a nice guy who just wants someone for the occasional dinner, movie, sleepover combination, who is low-maintenance and like-minded.

Derek Schmidt has been composing music and lyrics for over 10 years and continues to develop and explore his craft. He considers himself an artist-in-progress, continuously seeking growth and experimentation. Working mainly with piano, ukulele, guitar, and electronic sound, he combines this music with lyrics to keep moving forward with his ideas. The project This Major Arcana exemplifies that drive to push himself further into his own personal uncharted territories, and he enjoys getting lost in that frontier. Derek Schmidt also is the main songwriter for the Bay Area chamber folk group All My Pretty Ones and for the electronic project Adonisaurus, both of which play regularly in the Bay Area. He’s also a founder and host of Homophonic, San Francisco’s queer songwriter showcase held every third Saturday at Martuni’s.

Julius Smack is a performance project by Peter Hernandez. Utilizing a diverse palette of medias, he connects histories and politics in idiosyncratic performances in the vogue ballroom and contemporary performance art tradition.

A Thimble of Light (Ida Thaler) is a queer mixed-media artist with mid-Atlantic roots and a New England heart. Currently living in Oakland, California, Ida has just begun to share her work with the Bay Area. With bird-like whimsy, Ida’s work draws attention to the beauty of tiny treasures found in dust piles and on windowsills that are often overlooked and usually forgotten. A collection of Ida’s sculptures will be shown in this year’s Bay Area Ladyfest, September 12–15, 2013. In the meantime, Ida can be found sculpting with shadow and light, and creating dreamlike imagery in live performance alongside her friend Thunder Thighs. Most of all, Ida strings together tiny bodies & solar systems that are indebted to the art of her friends.

Thunder Thighs is an Oakland-based Midwestern sweetheart who comes from a long line of musicians and storytellers. She’s been playing the violin for twenty years and has just become acquainted with herself as a performance artist. Her music combines a looming darkness balanced on poppy undertones, telling a coming out story that is brutally honest and laced with themes of hope and resilience. Her music explores other themes like home and leaving, loving your body, a great escape from Ohio and diving headfirst out of the closet.

Kolmel WithLove is the creator of The News. WithLove curates, builds cameras and costumes, collaborates with other artists, makes films, and performs. Her films have screened in a variety of settings including Frameline Film Festival, MIX Mexico, Seattle Center of Contemporary Art, RAID Projects and in the book and DVD project “Strange Attractors.”

WithLove has performed in venues including SOMArts Cultural Center, CounterPULSE, Highways Performance Space, The Velaslavasay Panorama Theatre, The Garage, various galleries, a few living rooms, two very nice leather bars, and a piano lounge.

Pictured: Peter Hernandez, photo by Cabure Bonugli