Calling Artists for SOMArts Curatorial Residency exhibition The Third Muslim

The Third Muslim

Updated October 5, 2017: The Third Muslim: Queer and Trans* Muslim Narratives of Resistance and Resilience is no longer accepting proposals for artists’ work. Please see below for more details on the exhibition and stay tuned for updates.

The Third Muslim will debut January 25–February 25, 2018 as part of the Curatorial Residency Program at SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco, CA.


The Third Muslim aims to create a platform from which to promote visibility of artists within the queer and trans* Muslim communities; simultaneously, the project will build an archive of collective and individual stories of queer and trans* Muslims claiming space.
Via the politics of self-representation, what do themes of resistance and resilience in hostile climates look like (e.g. in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, the Muslim Travel Bans, state and police violence, hate crimes, and other ways members of our communities are targeted)? The exhibit will purposefully blur lines between fine art and documentary, and objects in the form of photo documentation, articles, ‘zines and social media posts will be displayed, creating a visual archive by both emerging and established artists.

Mohsin Shafi Khan
Laila Nur
Zaynab AbdulQadir Morris*
Bobuq Sayed
Nabeela Vega
Kiyaan Abadani*
Ayqa Khan
Samra Habib
Saba Taj
Jamil Hellu*
Terna and Wazina (Coming Out Muslim)
Abdullah Qureshi
Shah Numair Abbas
Alexandre Dorriz
Eissa Saeed
Kaamila Mohamed

Related Events:

Artist & Curator Panel Discussion
February 8, 6-8pm:
Queering Islam: A Conversation
The goal of the Queering Islam: A Conversation panel is to share lessons from different journeys of those who have lived at the intersection of Islam and queerness. Invited panelists represent an intergenerational, multi-identity group of community members who have made their own paths as queer and/or trans* Muslims in various public spheres, often creating their own meaning and (sub)communities where none existed before, and representing subcultures and communities of art, faith, fashion and kink, among others. The panel will be moderated by a local artist from the queer and/or trans* Muslim community.
Panelists: Imam Dayee Abdullah
Parisa Parnian
Ali Mushtaq
and more!

Closing event
Performance by Coming Out Muslim
February 17th, 6-8pm
Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love is a storytelling performance featuring Wazina Zondon (part of the Outlist cast) and Terna. The show will be followed by a talk back.