THIS IS WHAT I WANT 2011: National Queer Arts Performance Festival – June 27 & 28

What: The official performance festival of the 2011 National Queer Arts Festival
When: Monday, June 27–Thursday, June 30 at 8:00 p.m.
SOMArts Cultural Center: 934 Brannan Street (6/27 and 6/28). The Garage: 975 Howard (6/29 and 6/30)
$15 to $20 sliding scale
What Else: More information available at

THEOFFCENTER– in collaboration with Jesse Hewit and co-producer Rachael Dichter–presents the 2nd year of THIS IS WHAT I WANT, a festival that is intently redefining the relationship between intimacy and performance.

From the first release of the curatorial statement and call for artists, this project has been charged. Within this theme (and within the consideration of performing this theme) there is density, trigger, confusion, risk, trickery, lying, and the telling of some serious truths. As creator and head curator, Hewit stumbled through extensive discourse about this event; fielding complex and perhaps impossible questions about the intent and social necessity of such a project.

In its 2nd year, the festival is formalizing its stand not only as a staple of the National Queer Arts Festival but also as part of the San Francisco Performance Arts Festival circuit.

62 proposals were submitted, of those 13 were accepted by the curatorial team.  The break down of offerings is as follows:

SOMARTS, JUNE 27th and 28th:
Mica Sigourney, Jason Torres Hancock, Xandra Ibarra, Harold Burns, Annie Danger, and Anna Martine Whitehead

THE GARAGE, JUNE 29th and 30th:
Chase Joynt, Monique Jenkinson, Ben Mc Coy, Kevin Seaman, Dacia Holliday, Vagina Jenkins, and Tessa Wills

For the thirteen artists showing in this year’s program, acts of art-making and acts of sex collide. The result will be equal parts frank, ferocious, urgent, and of course tender.

This kind of work is always such a huge a risk. We are told–in so many ways and by so many forces–that in order for desire or sexuality to be the centerpiece of rigorous art, that it must be codified, symbolized, or in some way interpreted with cleverness or clinical language; that the feelings and mundane truths of it are not enough. THIS IS WHAT I WANT rather awkwardly breaks this notion in half, and emmerges with projects that sit squarely in the very margins between sweet transcendence and reckless confusion…just like our blessedly complicated sexualities and our so often utterly simple wants.

Come see how brave and crazy and sexy we are. Come see what we want.


*Credit to Jon Rivera for photo of Anna Martine Whitehead above.