URBAN x INDIGENOUS III: Keep Pushin’ remixes Hip Hop and indigenous cultures for the community, June 11, 2017

Urban X Indigenous

URBAN x INDIGENOUS (UxI)* is an intercultural art collective centered on providing an intergenerational and multidisciplinary framework for uplifting narratives of hxstorically marginalized communities. For its third installment, URBAN x INDIGENOUS III: Keep Pushin’ will celebrate the resilience of our ancestors and present-day social justice warriors through the spirit of Hip Hop. Bringing together performances, visual arts, and knowledge ciphers – this festival is dedicated to reclaiming space and manifesting a glimpse of the future we envision for the next generation.

Panel discussions will speak on the warfare being committed against Mother Earth – specifically through perspectives from Standing Rock, Mauna Kea, Save Our Schools Network, and Shellmound – and explore the role of Hip Hop in ancestral reconnection and spirituality from local artist-activists. Our community marketplace will highlight homegrown businesses including Bayani Art and Native Sol. Guests artists include Kanyon Sayers-Roods (Ohlone), Ras K’dee (Pomo), Lane Wilcken (Visayan), and Dancing Earth: Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations.

Open and extended to all of our brothers and sisters in the trenches – the eight-hour festival invites the movers, shakers, and messengers of today to re-awaken those who have fell under the spell of colonization, navigating one’s self back to their roots.

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Images: Dominique Martinez / Pictured: SAMMAY and SPULU


* Presented by APICC as part of USAAF 2017: Threading Resilience

URBAN x INDIGENOUS is presented at SOMArts as part of the Affordable Space Rental program.