Visions into Infinite Archives: Interview Roundup


Here you can find the interview roundup for Visions into Infinite ArchivesVisions Into Infinite Archives, a group exhibition curated by Black Salt Collective, honors the non-linearity of time and creates an interactive and infinite archive of universal depths. The exhibition not only imagines a future that challenges dominant histories and present moments of cyclical and institutional oppression, it births a universe where ancestral dreams and the hopes of descendants live and interact— a universe with alternative futures and alternative pasts, where oracles become realities, where histories are honored and where healing can take place.


Artist Interview: Paula Wilson



Artist Interview: Postcommodity



Artist Interview: Natalie Ball


Images from top to bottom: Still from “Waabanishimo (She Dances Till Daylight)” by Eve Lauryn LaFountain; image courtesy of artist Paula Wilson; Video still images courtesy of Postcommodity. “Gallup Motel Butchering”; “Coley the Giant and Incident at Fort Klamath” as part of the “Circa Indian” by Natalie Ball