Vortok in The Ramp Gallery, February 17th–March 14th, 2015


The title of this work is a Turkish proverb that means “HASTE MAKES WASTE.” This solo video installation showcases Istanbul, Turkey’s contemporary landscape and metaphysical structures to examine notions of thought, place, and being.

An audio clip of the artist describing this work: 

About Vortok
Born in México and currently residing in Los Angeles, Laskfar Vortok  has previously lived in London, England, Detroit, Michigan, and Oakland, California. Vortok is the co-founder of The Teaching Machine, an arts collective based in Los Angeles that develops new media performances, produces audio recordings, and is committed to a net-based integration of various art forms.

The title of this work is a Turkish proverb that means HASTE MAKES WASTE and in the most basic interpretation of this idea, we encounter a realm where human dreams and desires are channeled into the passive consumption of mediated images and commodities that end-up defining, but not encompassing, the full range of human desires and imagination. In the field of arts and placemaking, we still make beautiful things; but most everyday objects around us — #roads, #bridges, #buildings, #furniture, #utensils that used to also involve #art and #craftsmanship — seem to be built in the easiest and cheapest ways possible. It would seem that this difference is related to our much speedier and more #trivial view of #time.”

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Pictured Above, a still from “Vortok, Acele işe şeytan karışır” by Vortok 2015