Li Westerlund in the Ramp Gallery, February 3–March 3

What: Into the Night by Li Westerlund

When: February 3–March 3, 2014

Where: The Ramp Gallery, a community curated space at 934 Brannan St. (between 8th and 9th)

Into the Night, a series of photographs by Li Westerlund, conveys the inherent synergy between the senses and the mind, and how this influences our perception of our surroundings. By freezing in time the image of crashing waves, Westerlund wishes to express the mysterious quality of the sea: the perpetual force and genuine splendor of the sea that inspire pause and reflection. While capturing these moments, Westerlund approaches photography from the perspective of a painter, in that she does not seek to reproduce reality, but to find expression in the relationship between an object itself and its reproduction. Into the Night presents a crashing wave in almost statuesque form, highlighting peculiarities unperceivable in real life. The series seeks to evoke emotions and associations unique to each viewer.

About the Artist
Westerlund came to the United States from Sweden for the first time a little over a decade ago; she now lives and works in the Bay Area. Westerlund serves as the Vice President of Global IP for a biopharmaceutical company. She is also a prolific author in the legal field with focus on patent law and has published several books and dozens of articles in professional journals and anthologies, as well as a work of fiction. Westerlund has always been interested in the arts and uses photography as a means to “stay grounded in an environment rife with high pressure and demands, threatening to take [her] off balance and overshadow [her] creative spirit.”

Following a basic degree in electrical engineering, she received her law degree (including Master of Law) from Uppsala University, her doctoral from Stockholm University. She was a visiting scholar at George Washington University Law School, USA, a research fellow at the Max Planck Institute, Germany, and Tokyo University, Japan. In 2004, she was formally appointed Professor of Law at Linkoping University in Sweden. Recently, she decided to pursue a Master of Fine Art in photography at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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Photo courtesy of Li Westerlund