Zeitgeist, the visual arts centerpiece of the National Queer Arts Festival

What: Zeitgeist, the Queer Cultural Center’s annual exhibition

When: June 1–30, 2013. Open Tuesday–Friday, 12–7pm, and Saturday 12–5pm. Opening reception Saturday, June 1, 3–6pm.

Where: 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)

How Much: Free admission

What Else:More information at www.queerculturalcenter.org

Scholars have long maintained that each era has a unique spirit, a nature or climate that sets it apart from all other epochs. In German, such a spirit is known as “Zeitgeist,” from the German words “Zeit,” meaning “time,” and “Geist,” meaning “spirit” or “ghost.” Some writers and artists assert that the true zeitgeist of an era cannot be known until it is over, and several have declared that only artists or philosophers can adequately explain it. While the curators of this exhibition do not set out to define a Queer Zeitgeist, they do hope to expose manifestations of our cultural moment with this exhibition.

The exhibition reflects current trends in queer arts such as: queer craft, domesticity, performative work, affect and trauma work, the queer archive, return to analog along side digital photo based work, networked art, social practice, relational work, collaborative work, queer eco/environmental work, new trends in film video, audio work, including international artists that offer a global perspective on queer art making.

Free accompanying events include:


Opening Reception

Saturday, June 1, 3–5pm


Curatorial Walk-through

Saturday, June 15, 1–3pm

The curatorial team includes Pam Peniston, Rudy Lemcke, Tina Takemoto, Jackie Francis, Josh Faught, Jordy Jones and Mat McKinley.


This year’s exhibition received critical support from the San Francisco Arts Commission. To learn more about the SFAC and other organizations which support the Queer Cultural Center and the National Queer Arts Festival, please visit www.queerculturalcenter.org.

 Photo courtesy of Aaron McIntosh