January 6, 2018

Recoding CripTech presents Tactile Explorations

Thursday, February 6th, 6–9pm
SOMArts 934 Brannan St.

Curated by Vanessa Chang and Lindsey D. Felt, Recoding CripTech reimagines enshrined notions of what a body can be or do through creative technologies, and how it can move, look, or communicate. As the term “crip” reclaims the word for disability culture and recognizes disability as a cultural and political identity, so too do artists hack technologies to dismantle barriers to access. By creating new kinds of social and sensory interactions with technology, these artists portend a crip aesthetic for media arts that honors the diversity of human bodies.

Berkeley professor of English and disability studies scholar Georgina Kleege will guide participants throughout the exhibition with tactile and sensory aesthetic experiences with Tactile Explorations on Thursday, February 6, 6–9pm. As a consultant to art institutions around the world and author of More Than Meets the Eye: What Blindness Brings to Art (2018), Kleege has shown numerous audiences how to engage with artworks through non-visual senses.

This tour is limited to 12 participants, Eventbrite link and wait list to follow!

Georgina Kleege

Vanessa Chang
Lindsey D. Felt



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