January 3, 2018
Pleasure Pt. 1: Anti Social Social Dinner

Unbound Roots presents Pleasure Pt. 1: Anti Social Social Dinner

Thursday, April 2, 6–9pm
SOMArts, 934 Brannan St.

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Curated by Alie Jones and Toshia Christal, Unbound Roots challenges the self-care industry by expanding discussions around Black wellness practices rooted in mental, spirituality and community care. Unbound Roots transcend through acceptance, pleasure, and liberation providing a safe space that encourages individual awareness, generational healing, and high vibratory engagements.

Pleasure Pt. 1: Anti Social Social Dinner on Thursday, March 26, 6–9pm expands discussions around Black wellness, community, and self care with performances by Ladi Rev and Bobbi KindredCurators intentionally ask that participants wear shades of gold to signify richness, wisdom, enlightenment, self-worth, success, abundance, and to illuminate the practices and powers of our ancestors.

Dinner for this free, all ages program will be provided. There is a maximum of 40 participants and RSVP is required.

Pleasure Pt. 1: Anti Social Social Dinner
Accessibility Information
SOMArts Cultural Center is located on 934 Brannan Street. The main entrance can be found down the driveway, which is wheelchair accessible, however, the pavement is uneven. SOMArts Cultural Center is a low scent environment, service animals are welcome.

Bobbi Kindred
Ladi Rev

Alie Jones
Toshia Christal

Image credit: Tiffany Conway, Self Portrait, painting. Image courtesy of the artist.



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