At the core of the organization’s impact is the dedicated service of our volunteer community. Volunteers connect with an organization that continues to be deeply rooted in the community, committed to values of arts equity, and actively engaged in the San Francisco Bay Area’s arts ecosystem. Throughout this past year, our team of over 80+ volunteers donated 800+ hours of service towards supporting 13 multicultural programs. With the generosity of our volunteer community, SOMArts continues to cultivate a place for social transformation, human connection, and collective healing. SOMArts passionate and generous volunteers are indispensable to achieving our goals as a cultural center. Help us bring our groundbreaking program of exhibitions and events to the community. Join our group of talented volunteers and gain valuable non profit experience while getting an exclusive behind the scenes look at our innovative programs.


  • Expand your social/ professional network with the exhibiting artists, performers, curators and staff of SOMArts.
  • Support the production of SOMArts’ multidisciplinary events and exhibitions
  • Satisfaction of knowing you play an essential role in SOMArts’ success!

In conjunction with SOMArts’ diverse, creative exhibitions, we host various programs including; receptions, panel discussions, community dinners, performances, and other exciting events. Our volunteers fulfill a variety of roles that support all sections of the event operations such as:

  • Visitor Experience
  • Box Office & Concessions
  • Gallery Attendant
  • Vendor Market Assistance
  • Photo & Video Documentation

In conjunction with our annual Dia de los Muertos exhibition, SOMArts offers docent-led tours for over 30 Bay Area schools and afterschool programs, serving 700+ students. Tour curricula centers around social justice pedagogies that connect theory to practice, and arts to activism. Our volunteers fulfill a variety of roles that supports gallery and tour operations such as:

  • Gallery Attendant
  • Education Tours & Docent


RUBY: A Cabaret and Dance Party Extravaganza celebrating 40 years of SOMArts

RUBY: A Cabaret Extravaganza Celebrating 40 Years of SOMArts

An immersive cabaret art party supporting the organization at the intersection of art and social justice. Honoring legendary performer and director Rhodessa Jones, this celebration features jaw-dropping cabaret performances and show-stopping musical sets by Chulita Vinyl Club, and Rocky Rivera!

Shifts Available:

  • Auction Support: (6–10pm)

  • Bartending Support: (5:30–9:30pm /  9pm–1am)

  • Box Office Support: (5:30–9:30pm  /  8pm–12am)

  • Event Production Assistant: (3:30pm–7:30pm / 6:30pm–10:30pm / 9:00pm–1am)

  • Visitor Service Support: (5:30pm–9:30pm /  9pm–1am)

  • Supporting SOMArts’ 40 year anniversary celebration by joining the team
  • Exclusive access to fundraiser festivities
  • Gain valuable experience in events production

Molcajete Dominguero: Latinx Market

Latinx shopping extravaganza, featuring over 40+ curated local artists and vendors within SOMArts post-industrial space. This unique event draws 500+ guest across the Bay Area and beyond, to experience a celebration of the Latinx culinary cuisines, arts, crafts, and communities.

Shifts Available:

  • Concessions Support (10:30am-4:30pm)

Upcoming events

  • May 19, 2019
  • June 23, 2019
  • July 28, 2019
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